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School Meals

School meals, with up to 5 options, including wraps and sandwiches, can be provided by our school kitchen. If children wish to change from/to school meals lunches the school office require two weeks’ notice in writing. 

Lunch money is payable in advance of meals being taken. This can be on the first day of the week, or term. The correct money should be sent in a sealed envelope showing the child’s name, class and amount. Lunch money can be paid in cash or by cheque (payable to Surrey County Council), or online at

 If you believe you are eligible for Free School Meals, please contact the school office.

Termly Cost of School Meals for academic year 2023-24


1st Half

2nd Half
Autumn Term    
Spring Term £75.60 £78.30
Summer Term £78.30 £94.50