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All children deserve the best possible education. At New Haw our curriculum aims to inspire our pupils’ curiosity about the world around them whilst also given them a secure and broad foundation of knowledge in all subject areas. This ensures that they are set up for success in the next stage of their education and beyond.  Our curriculum is designed to enrich the lives of our pupils, building upon their past experiences and exposing them to new opportunities.  We have high academic ambition for all pupils, rooted in our solid consensus of the knowledge and skills pupils need in order to take advantage of opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

We want to create a level playing field for all our children no matter what their starting points and the main vehicle we use to do this is a strong curriculum which has been developed by the entire staff in consultation with parents, governors and children over the last 3 years.

At New Haw we believe the philosophy that “The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers.” (McKinsey 2007) and the same principle can be applied to our curriculum.  Therefore, in addition to developing a sequenced and cumulative curriculum, we are constantly looking at how the expertise of our teachers can be further enhanced.

The curriculum at New Haw is planned, purposeful and with clear intent.  It has been sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before and towards clearly defined and points.  Each subject is unique, and includes its own substantive and disciplinary knowledge.  Substantive knowledge relates to the core facts, ideas and concepts which are central to a subject. Disciplinary knowledge, on the other hand, relates to how scholars and academics within each subject (or discipline) arrive at this knowledge. Our curriculum ensures that all pupils carefully build a comprehensive understanding of both.

At New Haw we are committed to ensuring that our pupils access the richest possible range of experiences during their time here.  Enrichment opportunites are not only designed to support the children’s academic progress, but also to broaden their horizons, develop their cultural capital and improve their self-esteem and well-being.

 If you would like more information about the curriculum than is found on our website, please do not hesitate to speak to the school office or to your child's class teacher.

  Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6


Prehistory: Stone, Bronze and Iron Age

Ancient Greece


Anglo-Saxons, Vikings

Ancient Egypt

Early Islamic Civilisation


Aristocracy vs Democracy


Butser Ancient Farm – Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age (Summer term)

Viking workshop (Summer term)


The Lincolnsfield Centre – WW2 (Autumn term)



Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam)

Christmas - Tradition of present giving

Easter – Sequence of events from Palm Sunday to Easter Day and symbolism.


Moses the prophet


Christmas – through art


Easter –Sacrifice and Saviours

Christianity – worship and community

Christianity – life and teaching of Jesus Christ.

Christmas – concept of light during Christmas

Easter – the final weeks of Jesus’s life



Christmas – what the Gospels reveal about Christians.

Christianity - to investigate why Christians believe Jesus died

Ethics and morality



Heathervale Church workshop – Community (Spring term)

Prayer workshop at Heathervale Church (Spring workshop)

Heathervale Church workshop - Easter (Spring term)


UK and Surrey

Countries of Europe (comparative study: UK and Greece)

Climate and Climate zones

Settlement (New Haw – a local study)

The Amazon

Rivers (local study)

Land formations

Comparative study: London vs world cities (local study)




Living Rainforest (Autumn term)

Thames Explorer (Summer term)


Art and Design


Stone Age Art


Land Art



Still life


Islamic art

People in action

The Jurors Chairs




Wisley – Andy Goldsworthy (Autumn term)


Jurors Chairs Runnymede (Summer term)


Healthy smoothies

Hand puppets

Healthy cereal packaging

Healthy pizza


Pop-up books

Building bridges

Making bread

Designing an inclusive using CAD


Steady hand electricity games

Designing a and making healthy soup

Designing a microbic product







Connecting computers - Systems and networks

Beebots - Programming

Desktop publishing - Media

Branching database - Data and information

Animations - Media

We are bug fixers/ we are programmers – Programming

Online Safety

The internet - Systems and networks

Toy designers - Programming

We are Meteorologists/ Data logging - Data and information

Photo editing - Media

We are software developers/ Quiz – Programming

Online safety

Sharing info - Systems and networks

Flat-file databases - Data and information

Game developers - Programming

We are vloggers - Media

CAD - Media/ DT

Online safety

Communication - Systems and networks

Web developers - Media

Microbits – Programming

Online safety


Online Safety workshop (Autumn term)

Online Safety workshop (Autumn term)

Online Safety workshop (Autumn term)

Online Safety workshop (Autumn term)


Pourqoui Francais? (Why French)





Moi (All About Me)

On fait la fête (Celebrations)

Portraits (My body)

Le Carnaval des Animaux (Carnival of the Animals)

Pourqoui Francais? (Why French)


Ma Famille (People and Jobs)

On y va (All aboard)

L’argent de poche (Pocket money)

Vive le Sport! (Long Live Sport)

Quel temps fait-il? (What’s the weather like?)


Pourqoui Francais? (Why French)


Les aliments en Francais (Healthy eating)

On the way to school/directions


Les instruments de musique (I am the music man)

Les quatre saisons (The 4 seasons)

Pourqoui Francais? (Why French)


Notre école (Our school)

Ici et là (Out and about)

Quelle temps est il? (What time is it?)

Notre monde (Our world)


MFL International Day (Summer term)

MFL International Day (Summer term)

MFL International Day (Summer term)

MFL International Day (Summer term)


Musical notation


Rock Music

R and B

Primary Robins – Classical singing

Rap, Country ballad

Music around the world

Primary Robins – Classical singing

Folk and musicals


Primary Robins – Classical music


Soft Rock


Sea shanties

Pop music


Classical singing


Gamelan music


Primary Robins weekly workshop (Summer term)

Primary Robins weekly workshop (Spring term)

Primary Robins weekly workshop (Autumn term)


PE and Games

Gymnastics, dance, athletics, OAA, football, netball, hockey, multi skills,  cricket, rounders, tennis.

Gymnastics, dance, athletics, OAA, football, netball, hockey, basketball, cricket, rounders, tennis, swimming

Gymnastics, dance, athletics, OAA, football, netball, hockey, tag rugby, cricket, rounders, tennis.

Gymnastics, dance, athletics, OAA, football, netball, hockey, lacrosse, cricket, rounders, tennis.



Egham Orbit - swimming




Being a good friend

Privacy and permission

Different families and groups

Being part of the community

Having a healthy lifestyle

The value of money

Our strengths, skills and interests

Treating each other with respect

Dealing with feelings, bereavement and loss

Rights and responsibilities

Keeping safe outside

Drugs common to everyday life

How we grow and change

Resolving conflict

What decisions can people make with money?

How can we keep healthy?


Digital resilience

How we grow and change

How do common drugs affect health?

Peer pressure

Keeping physically safe


Mental Health

Building resilience

How babies are conceived and born





 Jurors Chairs (Summer term)

Trips/workshops English, Maths and Science

Wisley - Plants (Summer term)


Sound Dome


Space Dome (Autumn term)


Young Shakespeare (Spring term)