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At New Haw Community School we want children to become competent and confident mathematicians.  We strive for all children to build secure foundations across topic areas, so that they are prepared for the challenges they will encounter at secondary school and beyond.  In addition to this, we endeavour for children to fully appreciate the relevance mathematics has to everyday life, so that they can experience success knowing how they can use their skills outside of the classroom in the future.

Curriculum Design

For the curriculum map see appendix A.  The weekly structure may be slightly adapted in order to meet the needs of pupils.


At New Haw Community School, we teach the content set out for each year group in the National Curriculum.  The New Haw curriculum provides children with fundamental foundations and an appreciation of the power of mathematics.  Children learn that mathematics is an interconnected subject that is essential to everyday life and across subject areas.

By following a spiral curriculum, we focus on developing children’s fluency, reasoning and application of skills across a multitude of concepts.  Topics are revisited several times throughout their school career, increasing in complexity.  Our carefully-planned lessons build on children’s prior knowledge and challenge them to deepen their thinking and understanding.  Children are given regular opportunities to apply their knowledge to a range of mathematical problems, which encourages them to think logically, work systematically and show resilience.  They are encouraged to break down problems into a series of simpler steps and persevere in order to seek solutions.  Furthermore, children are encouraged to use a combination of concrete resources, pictorial representations and written calculations to communicate their mathematical understanding.

Across the school, teaching stretches children’s thinking, asking them to explain their reasoning using key mathematical language.  Children are also encouraged to evaluate the strategies they are using, in order to select the most efficient approach.