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Through a well-sequenced and well-structured, cumulative languages curriculum, children will become confident linguists, broadening their minds to the wider world. The exposure to another language and culture will encourage tolerance and respect for others’ values and beliefs. New Haw linguists recognise the worth of other languages and the skill that comes with learning another language.

The structure of our curriculum enables for broad, deep and relevant knowledge that is in line with National Curriculum guidance; moving from spoken word to phrases and then to written statements and questions. The topics taught throughout the school year are purposeful and encourage a love of language. Teaching makes links with how French has influenced the English language and culture to make learning relevant for the children. Our curriculum encourages the use of a kinaesthetic approach to allow the children to fully immerse themselves in their learning. Amongst other things, this consists of singing, acting and role playing which should make modern foreign language accessible to all abilities.

Children will be given opportunities to take risks with language whilst also being encouraged to show resilience about the outcomes.


Curriculum Map

Unit Overview

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Year 3

Pourqoui Francais? (Why French)






Moi (All About Me)


On fait la fête (Celebrations)



Portraits (My body)


Le Carnaval des Animaux (Carnival of the Animals)


Year 4

Pourqoui Francais? (Why French)



Ma Famille (People and Jobs)


On y va (All aboard)


L’argent de poche (Pocket money)



Vive le Sport! (Long Live Sport)


Quel temps fait-il? (What’s the weather like?)

Year 5

Pourqoui Francais? (Why French)



Les aliments en Francais (Healthy eating

On the way to school


Shopping and Money

Les instruments de musique (I am the music man)


Les quatre saisons (The 4 seasons)

Year 6

Pourqoui Francais? (Why French)





Notre école (Our school)


Ici et là (Out and about)

Quelle temps est il? (What time is it?)


Notre monde (Our world)



The MFL curriculum at New Haw is designed to develop children’s confidence, knowledge, skills and vocabulary of the French language, by allowing regular opportunities for interaction and application.  Topics are chosen based on their relevance to the children’s lives, allowing them to engage in language learning that is of interest to them.  In line with the National Curriculum, the New Haw curriculum progresses from spoken words to phrases to written statements and questions to conversations.  Children are exposed to a range of approaches in lessons including: songs, rhymes, stories and games.  French lessons allow for growth of the children’s cultural understanding.

Topics are revisited as the children progress through the year groups and great care is taken to ensure that the children make and build on connections with prior learning. Regular revisiting aids this further, for example daily registration time is used to reinforce vocabulary already learned.

By the time the children reach the end of Year 6, they have secure foundations in vocabulary, grammar and written skills that will support them in continuing their study of languages at key stage 3.  They will be able to understand and hold short conversations in French in familiar topic areas.  Their vocabulary will include a range of adjectives and verbs that can be widely applied across topics.  They will be able to express personal preference in the target language, and will be able to ask questions and understand the response. Children will be able to listen to, read and understand short passages.  This will also be reflected in their written work, in which they will be able to construct simple sentences that show consideration of the grammatical changes that are required in French.