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Guidelines for parents and carers

Homework is an important aspect of education and we are grateful for your part in helping your child understand this and for giving appropriate help in the way it is managed.

Should you feel that you would like to comment in any way regarding tasks set, or if there seems to be a mismatch of timing in the completion of them, which is causing concern, please write a comment in your child's planner, or mention it to the class teacher personally.

We appreciate your continued support and involvement.

Google Classroom

Homework will be set and submitted via Google Classroom.  Your child's log in for Google Classroom can be found in their planner.  

Doodle Maths

Doodle Maths will now form part of the children’s weekly homework and the expectations of use are included below. This will vary depending on which year group your child is in.

Year 3 expectations – 1 assignment

Year 4 expectations – 1 assignment and 2 days of ‘X questions a day’*

Year 5 & 6 expectations – 1 assignment and 3 days of ‘X questions a day’*

*The ‘X questions a day’ will be personalized to your child. Some may have 6 a day while others have 10 a day.


All children are expected to read to an adult, outside of school, at least 5 times a week and have this recorded in their planners (See page 6 of planner). Planners will be monitored weekly. In addition, children will be heard read at least once a week in school by their teacher or assistant teacher. It is vital that during these times, both in and out of school, children have opportunities to discuss their reading, commenting on vocabulary, making predictions and giving opinions. Children who read regularly to an adult make more progress than those who do not.

As part of our commitment to reading, we have worked with Hampshire Library Service to give all children access to an online library. Follow the link to access eBook platform and log in with your username and password:

Every child has a unique username and password to access the site and borrow books. Please click here