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Harvest donations

Last year, our New Haw Community School families very generously donated many items to the Runnymede Foodbank, which went to help those in need.  The volume of people The Runnymede Foodbank have fed in January - August 2022 is 78% higher than for the same period in 2019 and they have written to ask us if we could possibly help once again.  They report that they are helping many people who are in financial crisis and who would never have thought that they would need to rely on the foodbank to put food on their tables.

Donate Food - Thursday 20th October

We would therefore like to invite you and your children to participate in this year’s Harvest Appeal.  The Foodbank is unable to accept fresh goods as they do not have the storage capacity but they kindly ask if you could donate one or more if you are able of the following items: Foodbank.  The children should take the item(s) into their classrooms that morning. 

Tinned ham

Tinned fruit

Tinned custard

Tinned carrots or peas

Tinned hotdogs or meatballs

Tinned rice pudding

Sponge pudding

Tinned Sweetcorn




Long-life fruit juice