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Linking with our geography topic on ‘Climatic Regions’ the children will have the exciting opportunity to

take part in a ‘Rain Forest Adventurers’ workshop presented at school by ‘ZooLab’. This workshop will

involve taking the children on a journey through the layers of a rainforest allowing the children to interact

with the animals that live there.

During the three separate workshops, the children will have the opportunity to observe and handle a

variety of animals that live in the rainforest.

You can be rest assured that the animals handled by the children are totally safe and unable to cause any

harm and that no child will be forced to handle an animal if they do not want to. ZooLab have a strict hand

washing policy which they enforce at the end of every session.

We hope that this workshop will stimulate further the children’s interest in the rainforest and the wide

variety of animals that live there.

The voluntary donation per child will be £3.00 for this visit. Please sign the permission form and return it

to school as soon as possible.

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