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Read Finlay's chilling start to his story

Year 5 set the scene with scary descriptions.

In year 5 we have been writing thriller and chiller stories. We have been trying to make cliff hanger endings and really exciting openers to our stories. Here is the opening of my story:

The moon glowed in the dark night, as Percy, who was 12 years old looked for a place to rest for the night. The midnight breeze violently whistled towards a mysterious mansion. Slowly, Percy ambled towards the strange place.

The wind flashed through the window into the abandoned mansion, as the bats inside flew away. The crooked door creaked open and the cobwebs swayed. Percy cautiously walked through the rusty door to see a spooky painting at the front of the mansion. The dust slithered across the dirty floor as the wind blew on it. The place was a beast.

By Finlay Kirk