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Persuasive writing in year 4!

'When Jessie came across the sea'

This week, Year 4 have read the story 'When Jessie came across the sea' by Amy Hest. Jessie lives in tattered little village with her grandma.

Unfortunately, her parents passed away when she was young. There is an opportunity to go to America to start a new life when the Rabbi announces a spare ticket. Many of the villagers tried to persuade the Rabbi to choose them and here is an example of a persuasive letter written in the voice of the main character, Jessue.

Dear Rabbi,

It has come to my attention that you have received a wonderful golden ticket but, you can't go to America! So I would like to go to America. Since my parents died, I have been so lonely that my only friend is grandma. Here are some reasons why I should be the chosen one.

First and foremost, I am spectacular at sewing, so I can help Kay at her shop and I can live there when I am in America. With my sewing skills, I can make fabulous dresses which will become popular in America.

In addition to that, I can bring back money for: more stable houses, less narrow beds and a school for the children. Plus, I will make money for other people going to America.

Yours sincerely,