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Electricity in year 4

Read Olivia's poem about electricity.

In Science, we created and designed electrical safety posters. We included lots of important facts and guidance about how to stay safe. Here are some examples:

- Put safety covers on plugs that are not in use so young children do not play around with them

- If there are frayed wires, do not use the electrical appliance

- Do not overload adaptors

- Do not put drinks near games consoles

- Do not touch switches with wet hands


Here is a poem that Olivia Cassar (in 4B) made up too:


Do not fear

Electricity is here!

 You can put me in a socket

But don't put me in your pocket.

"Electricity does not mix with water!"

Yelled Mr Porter.

Don't put objects on a lamp

Or I might yell and stamp.