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Learning about The Greek's in Year 5!

Greek Governments

Greek Governments

In history we have been learning about the Ancient Greeks. On Monday we learnt about the different types of Greek governments. There are 5 different kinds of governments they are; oligarchy, monarchy, aristocracy, tyranny and democracy. We still use democracy today, over 2000 years later.

We were given pieces of paper with the government names and definitions on and we had to match them up. After that Miss Evenden put us in groups and gave each group a different government. We had to pretend that a thief had broken into a shop and stolen some money. We then had to act out how our government would deal with the thief. My group were given aristocracy, Miss Evenden said it was the hardest to act out but we went last and it went really well.

Once we had finished we all voted on which government we thought was the best. Everyone agreed that democracy was the best cause it’s fair. Then we agreed that tyranny was the worst because it is violent.


We really enjoyed finding out about how Ancient Greece has affected our lives today.