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4B detectives!

Solving the maths mystery in year 4!

Today we were detectives solving a MAJOR mystery! In the Hatcher Hotel, a great spot for celebrities, there was a sneaky scoundrel stealing valuables from the hotel rooms. There were lots of clues leading to even more enjoyable mysteries and in the end, we found a pattern. The pattern was + - + - and we found out that Tanya Trailblazer, the tricky thief, was heading to room 604, therefore helping Maths Maven nab her by getting there first. The first robbery took place in room 356 and the clue was 213 so we had to add it to the room number (356) giving us 569.The next robbery took place in room 569.We were right!!! In room 569 another clue was revealed, 324. So we subtracted, following the rule, and got 245.The next room number was 245, as we thought! The next clue was 542 so we added, therefore, getting 787 which was the next room! In room 787, Tanya had written 183. Heeding to the rule we took 183 from 787. That gave us 604.This mystery may have been tough, but it sure was fun!!!!!

Written by Daksh and Imaan 4B