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Year 5 investigate fractions and decimals.

Read all about Year 5's Learning Journey in maths.

   Maths Learning Journey

In year 5’s learning journey, the teachers have decided to make a new flavoured cocktail. We need to know our percentages, decimals and fractions, to find out how many cocktails each teacher drank and how much of each liquid was in each cocktail. For a bigger challenge the teacher told us we could use mixed fractions.


We have learnt to convert improper fractions into mixed fractions. For example: 13/2. We would split our cocktail into halves 13 ÷ 2 = 6 r 1. So we have 6 whole cocktails and 1 half. This means our mixed fraction would be 6 ½.

We used this skill of converting fractions a lot in our learning journey.

We used another mathematical skill in our learning journey; this was converting fractions into decimals. This is how we did it: 6 ½

We have 6 whole numbers so we have 6 also known as 6.0. ½ in decimals is 0.5, and so we added 6.0 and 0.5 which made 6.5.

Not hard at all!

We discovered that Ms Kirtland drank the most cocktails having 4 and 4/6. Mrs Samuel drank the least with 1 and 6/11 of a cocktail.


We really enjoyed our learning journey it was a big challenge and lots of fun. Now we are looking forward to our next Learning Journey.