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Year 5 dramatization

Read Ellie's interpretation of "Nightshift."

In year 5 we have been learning about how to use speech in our writing. We watched a film called Nightshift about a bat and a woodpecker, the film contained no words at all. We created our own drama, thinking about what the bat and woodpecker might say to each other and then we re-wrote the film in our own words thinking about how the characters might be speaking to each other.


A bat flew into the hard old tree and without a doubt was determined to get a decent day’s sleep. Suddenly the bat awoke, a terrible noise echoed across the forest. “What is that terrible noise putting me off my sleep?” questioned the bat loudly.

“Well you’re nocturnak you dopey old bat!” squealed the woodpecker angrily.

“Mummy we want some food!” screamed the chicks eagerly.

“One moment dearies, I’m just dealing with this pesky rodent.” Said the woodpecker so that the bat could hear.

“Pesky? Rodent? I’ll have you know I’m the quietest bat in this wood!” the bat snapped with fire in his eyes.

“Alright, alright keep your head on,” tittered the woodpecker.

“Mummy!” wailed the chicks. So the woodpecker flew to the branch above and pulled a caterpillar out of it’s hole. The body split and flew back onto the tree with a squelch.

“Did you really have to do that?” The bat said wiping the goo off of his face.


Written by Ellie Harwood 5E