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Year 5 space dome experience

Year 5 have fun learning about space.

Year 5 space dome experience

This term the whole of year 5 thoroughly enjoyed a life-like replica of space in our very own school hall! We saw the constellations that appear in the sky every cloudless night. The stars appear every night, but nothing is more beautiful than bright stars on a clear, dark night.

The moon is slowly revolving around the earth, which creates the moon’s crescent shape in the sky. The rest of the moon waits in darkness for the earth to turn and the shape of the moon will gradually evolve into a full circle.

Daytime occurs when the earth peers up to the sun and the sun shoots rays of warm light back to the earth. When the earth first takes a peep at the huge ball of burning gas, appearing in the east, it is called sunrise. The sun will move across the sky until it sets in the west. The night sweeps across the sky, and the whole pattern starts again.

The nine planets in the solar system are Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. It is possible to see Jupiter with the naked eye on a very clear night, perhaps after a hot day. But many other planets require high-tech equipment like satellites and telescopes to take photos of them. There are other planets too (dwarf planets) like Pluto and Eris.

Everybody enjoyed an informative morning in the space dome, discovering interesting facts about space.

Ella Robinson 5DM