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Eco Committee - Recycling

Eco Committe learn more about recycling

On Wednesday 17th April the Eco Committee had a special visitor (Darren Harding) who is responsible for all the recycling for Runnymede Borough Council.  Darren came to teach us all about recycling.  We learnt how the recycling gets sorted in a big machine which is bigger than our school!  He also explained which materials should be recycled - plastic, cans, glass, bottles, garden waste and food waste.  Both garden and food waste get put into a giant green house, it is then heated until it turns into mush which can then be spread onto fields.

We really enjoyed the experience and we now fully understand the importance of recycling.  We were so excited to have the talk - now we will be even better members of the Eco Committee!

Hannah Varney (5B) and Jessica Howitt (6G)