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Hampton Court - Year 4 visit

Read Ella's report on Hampton Court visit.

My Day at Hampton Court Palace


We went to Hampton Court Palace.  When we first saw the palace, we were filled with excitement and we were all awestruck!  It was a beautiful red brick mansion, and stone statues stared solemnly at us as we scuttled down the stone path.  A golden hand silently ticked round a massive clock, with shimming roman numerals that shone in the light.

Rustling in the wind, emerald leaves swiftly flowed past in the bitter blast of air. We saw tapestries fully of vibrant colours.  Until I explored the kitchens, I thought Tudor life was perfectly fine – if you were royalty!  Although King Henry VIII had a nice life, if you were a servant then it wasn’t so laid-back and easy!  It was fun discovering about the different positions in Tudor life.  I enjoyed the gardens best because it was great looking out the window seeing all the symmetrical hedges and the rainbow flowers!

We had a really good day at Hampton Court Palace because we saw the history related to our subject we have been learning about. 


Ella Robinson