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Year 3 visit Verulamium!

Year 3 had a very busy day at Verulamium on 7th March!

On Thursday 7th March Year 3 went to the Verulamium in St.Albans. Despite the rain, we had an excellent day. Children took part in a handling session, where they got to investigate Roman artefacts. They learnt about how the Romans used to cook, what they wore and how they looked after themselves. Children also had the chance to explore the museum and find out other facts about what the Romans used to eat and how they were buried! As part of the Verulamium trip, we also got the chance to explore a hypocaust and mosaic. Children learnt how the Romans used to heat their home and how the mosaics were made. Year 3 had a great day and really enjoyed learning about the historic Verulamium town