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Singing Sensations!

Singing Sensations in year 5.

Singing Sensations!

On Wednesday 28th February, 5B took part in a singing workshop.  A lady named Jenny and a student, Hannah Jefferson, came from Bishop David Brown to teach 5B  about singing. The whole class had lots of fun singing, ‘We will Rock You’ by Queen.

Hannah Varney, a pupil from 5B, said,  “The workshop was really awesome!” Hannah commented that, if they came again she would like to do a big round. (Split up the class.)

During the workshop 5B did lots of exciting activities, including the siren. This is when you start singing high and then sing low and then sing high again. Jenny and Hannah were very friendly and encouraging. The whole class loved it so much, they would like them to come back again!

We hope to hear 5B on the radio soon!

Keep Singing!

By Megan Shrives and Teagan Cooledge 5HC