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Authors Writing Day

On Wednesday, eight children from lower school travelled in a minibus to Ottershaw school for the day

When we arrived, we met eleven some children from Ottershaw and Pyrford. At first, we met the author, Steven Davies, who told us a few things about himself such as how he liked living in Africa and why he based most of his books there. We then did a quiz about tricksters from famous books. The room was split in to half; one side called themselves the Flying Pigs and the other side were called Blades of Grass! Unfortunately for the Blades of Grass, they lost 8 v 5 to the Flying Pigs.

We were then shown some pictures of children and their bedrooms from all around the world. Steven Davies showed us one particular picture which he created a story on. We were put into groups of two, three and four and got our own pictures of a child with their bedroom and we each wrote an interesting story about them. Different people got to read out their own stories and the other children had to think about what they enjoyed about the story and what could be improved. Some people brought some money to buy a book written by Steven Davies which he also signed! We were then escorted back to New Haw by the same minibus. This was an amazing experience for all of us and also helped us improve our writing.