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Year 5 Trip to Tesco

Year 5 Trip to Tesco March 2016

This week, Year 5 undertook three exciting trips to Tesco; 5E on Wednesday, 5C on Thursday and 5H on Friday. Each class had the opportunity to learn about where their food comes from, as part of Tesco’s ‘Farm to Fork’ programme; the aim is to educate children about healthy food choices and the origins of these. Each day began with a tour of the meat, fish and cheese counters, where the children had the chance to sample different cheeses from around the UK then learn how to gut and fillet a fish. A memorable experience in many ways! They asked lots of excellent questions which were answered well by the expert fishmonger. He explained that the fish on offer came from all over the UK but also from other continents across the world. The children then went on a ‘hunt’ amongst the fresh fruit and vegetables for produce originating from certain countries; they found some examples from Mexico, the area we will be studying in our next geography topic. Some of the fruit was chosen for the children to prepare their own fresh fruit salad with. Finally, and perhaps most excitingly, Year 5 had a chance to serve paying customers at the checkouts! They scanned their items, took their money, offered change and printed receipts. Many customers commented on how efficiently they worked and also on their polite and professional manner. Very well done!