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Science Club fun!

Science Club carry out some dazzling experiments.

Science Club Fun

This term we have enjoyed taking part in lots of exciting science activities in Science Club!

Firstly, we used red cabbage water to test whether liquids are acids or bases. To our surprise, the purple cabbage water changes to a pink colour when you add acids such as lemon juice and to a green colour when you mix with bases such as cream cleaner. Why not try this at home?

Last week, we studied the effect of adding water to skittles in a shallow petri dish. The skittles slowly dissolved and created some very colourful, interesting patterns before they disintegrated completely!

Look in the ‘Gallery’ on the school website.

In addition to this, we added food colouring to milk then observed what happened when we dipped washing up liquid into the milk, using cotton buds. An ‘explosion’ of colour erupted on the plate to produce swirling patterns.

This week, we are going to find out what happens when you add Mentoes to bottles of fizzy drinks. We can’t wait!