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Year 6 enjoy the Lady of Shalott

Year 6 have been studying Tennyson

Year 6 enjoy the Lady of Shalott

This week, the Year 6 children have been studying Tennyson’s famous poem: The Lady of Shalott. Although we found the language tricky (and lots of older children study this poem!) we really enjoyed the story behind it.


Surprisingly, we particularly liked analysing different paintings of the Lady. It was interesting how differently the artists portrayed her. For example, in one painting, she seemed very weak and woeful, whereas in another, she seemed brave and courageous! The closer we looked at the poems, the more tiny details we saw, which revealed even more about the poem.


Tomorrow, we will be writing soliloquies, which is when a character tells the audience about their inner thoughts, without anyone hearing. It is going to be tough, but we're up for the challenge!