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Science Club fun!

How do parachutes work?

Today in science club, we were given some black polythene and a variety of materials and we were given the challenge of designing our own parachutes.

We learned that when a parachute falls there are two forces acting upon it. Gravity pulls the parachute down towards the ground and air resistance pushes up slowing the parachute down.

The ‘Super Scientists’ worked in two teams. Edward worked together as a pair with Daniel making an oval shaped parachute with 5 lengths of embroidery thread. Phoebe, Aarush and Matthew worked in a group of 3 to assemble a rectangular parachute with 7 lengths of wool. Both groups used unifix cubes to provide stability and weight to pull the parachute down.

We fair tested each parachute by dropping them from the same height and surprisingly both parachutes took the same amount of time (4 seconds) to reach the ground. Both groups of children were pleased with how slowly their parachutes descended to the ground and thoroughly enjoyed the activity.