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Year 5 study The Highwayman

The Highwayman brought to life by year 5!

In year 5 this week we have been looking at the poem The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes which was published in 1906.  It tells the story of a highwayman who falls in love with Bess the Landlord’s black-eyed daughter. We thought that is had a sad ending because both Bess and the Highwayman end up dead but they do come back as ghosts so in a way they get to be together forever. 

We read the poem and then acted out the most important scenes.  Most of us thought the stanza where Bess sacrifices herself to warn the Highwayman that soldiers are looking for him was the key part of the poem.  We explored the figurative language in the poem.   Then we wrote recounts from the point of view of the Highwayman, Bess or Tim the ostler who was jealous of the Highwayman because he was also in love with Bess.