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Gifted and talented maths and science club.

Read how busy our gifted and talented maths and science club have been.

During the last few weeks, 12 pupils from years 3 and 4 have been invited to come to the gifted and talented maths and science club, every Wednesday after school. This club encourages children to improve their maths and science skills through taking part in challenging maths and science investigations.

On November 12th, we attempted to produce successful, electrical circuits using a variety of equipment. We investigated the effect on the brightness of the bulbs of inserting 1, 2 or 3 bulbs into a circuit.  After that, we experimented to find out which materials act as electrical conductors and which act as electrical insulators. We found out that all metals conduct electricity. Interestingly, we also found out that a material called graphite conducts electricity.

Maths and science club has encouraged children to reach high limits in these particular subjects. We all enjoy this club as it is fun and challenging.

Written by Sam Moreau and Jay Stevenson 4M