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"The Nightshift" by 5E

Olivia, Oliver and Regan act out "The Nightshift"

In year 5 we have been learning about how to use speech in our writing. We watched a film called Nightshift about a bat and a woodpecker, the film contained no words at all. We created our own drama, thinking about what the bat and woodpecker might say to each other and then we re-wrote the film in our own words thinking about how the characters might be speaking to each other.

Scene 1: In a tree. Bat is sleeping on a branch, the baby birds are asleep in the tree trunk and the woodpecker is awake, sitting on the branch.

Woodpecker: (yawns) Morning already? Oh well (wails) wake up babies, wake up!

Bat: (Opens one eye and yells) Shut up! I am trying to sleep here. I am so tired.

Woodpecker: (Looks shocked) Oh sorry sir, I didn’t mean to disturb you.

Bat: (Snappily) OK but be careful next time.

Babies: (Squeal) Food mummy,  food mummy, food!

Bat: (Mutters) Why, oh why?

Woodpecker: (Whispers) OK babies, be quiet while mummy gets food.

Woodpecker spots a worm and flies over to a tree.

Woodpecker: (Hungrily) Food! Yum yum. (Starts pecking at tree)

Bat: (Demandingly) Be quiet will you? It’s not a lot to ask.


(Written by Olivia 5E)